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For the Mar 2, 2015 Lexington election, LexWiki has organized a questionnaire for the Board of Selectmen, School Committee, Planning Board, Moderator and Housing Authority candidates.

Questions were solicited through the lex-polrel@yahoogroups.com and lexParents@yahoogroups.com mailing lists. Candidates were asked to limit each item response to two or three paragraphs. For each office, responses are listed in the order of their submission. We would like to thank the candidates, and to all who sent questions and suggestions.


LogoBlackAndWhiteNoText.jpeg Peter Kelley

School Committee

LogoBlackAndWhiteNoText.jpeg Bill Hurley     LogoBlackAndWhiteNoText.jpeg Jessie Steigerwald     LogoBlackAndWhiteNoText.jpeg Tom Diaz

Planning Board

LogoBlackAndWhiteNoText.jpeg Ginna Johnson    LogoBlackAndWhiteNoText.jpeg Richard Canale


LogoBlackAndWhiteNoText.jpeg Deborah Brown

Housing Authority

LogoBlackAndWhiteNoText.jpeg Leo McSweeney did not respond to the questionnaire - but here are the questions we asked him.

Previous Lex-Wiki.Org Questionnaires: Nov 2014 Selectmen and School Committee Special Elections.