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Lexington data sources

Massachusetts data sources

US data sources


  1. Note that not all public records are stored as a matter of custom in the Public Records Portal. The easiest way to search through portal content is to use a specialized Google search instead of the Laserfiche search mechanism - i.e. type " text-to-search..." in the Google search box.
  2. Check the date when the bylaws web copy was last updated at the top of the page. The bylaws web copy may be behind by a number of months.
  3. Since it was reorganized in Jan 2014, the Lexington Patch has started covering less Lexington-centric and more state-centric news. The web site design of the Patch was changed around 2013-14, and many of the old Patch articles about Lexington have been lost.
  4. The old version of the Lexington City web site,, has operated between 2000 and 2013, and can still be browsed at the Internet Archive Way Back Machine
  5. The Lexington Public Schools web site has gone through several older versions: 1998 - 2002 and 2002-2012. Old versions can still be browsed at the Internet Archive Way Back Machine. Mirrors of old versions can also be found on our Web Site Mirrors page.