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For the Mar 6, 2017 election, LexWiki has organized a questionnaire for townwide elected offices. Questions have been solicited through the lexington@yahoogroups.com, lex-polrel@yahoogroups.com and lexParents@yahoogroups.com mailing lists. For each office, responses are listed in the order of their submission.


LogoBlackAndWhiteNoText.jpeg Michelle Ciccolo     LogoBlackAndWhiteNoText.jpeg Doug Lucente     LogoBlackAndWhiteNoText.jpeg Glenn Parker (two for three years)

School Committee

One for three years:

LogoBlackAndWhiteNoText.jpegJudy Crocker     LogoBlackAndWhiteNoText.jpegKate Colburn    

One for one year:

LogoBlackAndWhiteNoText.jpegYury Mashkovich    LogoBlackAndWhiteNoText.jpegKathleen Lenihan    
LogoBlackAndWhiteNoText.jpegHengameh Taraz    LogoBlackAndWhiteNoText.jpegStephen W. McKenna II   
LogoBlackAndWhiteNoText.jpegNeerja Juneja Bajaj    

Burc Oral and Melissa Cunningham did not respond to our questionnaire.


LogoBlackAndWhiteNoText.jpeg Deborah Brown (one for one year). Deborah also responded to Lex-Wiki questions in 2016 and 2015

Planning Board

LogoBlackAndWhiteNoText.jpeg Robert Creech     LogoBlackAndWhiteNoText.jpeg Charles Hornig (two for three years)

Housing Authority

LogoBlackAndWhiteNoText.jpeg Weidong Wang (five year seat)    

Richard Perry (three year seat) did not respond to our questions.


We have listed for each office the number of seats available and the duration of the office.

  • Two for three years means the two candidates with largest number of votes are elected for three years.
    • The Selectmen race has three candidates for two seats.
    • The Planning Board race has two candidates for two seats.
  • The School Committee has separate races, and separate sets of candidates for the three year seat and for the one year seat.
    • There are two candidates for the three year School Committee seat.
    • There are eight candidates for the one year School Committee seat.
  • The Housing Authority has separate races for the five year seat and the three year seat.

Past Lex-Wiki questionnaires are available for the Mar 2016, Mar 2015 and Nov 2014 town elections.