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This is a collection of news articles and commentary on the NSA warrantless surveillance, the MAINWAY NSA call database, the PRISM surveillance program and revelations made public by Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden and other people who shared classified intelligence material.

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Project SHAMROCK allowed the NSA to intercept telegrams sent by US citizens.
Steve Striffler holds the Doris Zemurray Stone Chair in Latin American Studies and is a professor of anthropology and geography at the University of New Orleans.
Laura K. Donohue is a professor at Georgetown University Law Center and director of Georgetown’s Center on National Security and the Law.
Michael P. Lynch is a professor of philosophy at the University of Connecticut and the author of "In Praise of Reason", ISBN 978-0262017220, and "Truth as One and Many," ISBN 978-0199596300. He is at work on a new book, "Prisoners of Babel: Knowledge in the Datasphere."