Town Meeting In Lexington, 5th Edition

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This wiki is designed to familiarize new Town Meeting Members with the workings of Town Meeting. It can also serve as a reference for all participants in Lexington government including Town officials, committee members, and other citizens.

This wiki gives a short history of Town Meeting in Lexington, and describes the current procedures and practices. It contains practical advice on being elected to Town Meeting and on how to become an informed and effective Town Meeting Member.

For additional useful references, see the section How to Become Informed.

Formal Procedures

This section provides a summary of Lexington Town Meeting procedures. It includes many customs that have been adopted over the years. This is not a substitute for the text of the Town's By-laws, but is intended as a guide to understanding the conduct of Town Meeting.

Guidelines and Practices

This section covers guidelines and informal practices that Town Meeting Members are urged to follow during Town Meeting.

Beyond Town Meeting

A lot of important things happen while Town Meeting is not in session.

The Budget Process

How To...

Town Meeting Members Association


About This Document

This is the fifth version of Town Meeting in Lexington, and the first online version.

Contributors: Edith Sandy, Glenn P. Parker, Andrei Radulescu-Banu, Kathryn R. Colburn, Molly Nye, Vicki Blier

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