Annual Town Election (Mar 6, 2017)

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The election calendar is posted on the Town Clerk web site.


Selectmen (two for three year terms)

School Committee (one for three years, one for one year)

  • Judy Crocker Web, Facebook (three year seat)
  • Kate Colburn Web, Facebook (three year seat)
  • Stephen W. McKenna II Web (one year seat)
  • Burc Oral Web (one year seat)
  • Yury Mashkovich Web (one year seat)
  • Hengameh (Heny) Taraz Web, Facebook (one year seat)
  • Neerja Juneja Bajaj Web (one year seat)
  • Melissa Cunningham Web (one year seat)
  • Kathleen Lenihan Web (one year seat)n

Planning Board (two for three years terms)

  • Charles Hornig
  • Robert Creech Web

Moderator (one for a one year term)

  • Deborah Brown

Housing Authority (one for five, one for three years)

  • Weidong Wang (five year seat)
  • Richard Perry (three year seat)

Town Meeting




  • League of Women Voters - Candidate Night, Thu Feb 16, Clarke Middle School, 7:00pm to 9:20pm
  • East Lexington Community Association, Indian Americans of Lexington - Candidate’s Afternoon at the Community Center on Sat, Feb 25th, 1:30pm - 4:00pm.
  • PTA Presidents Council - Forum for the School Committee candidates at Cary Library at 9:15am on Thursday, March 2nd.

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