Annual Town Election (Mar 6, 2017)

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The election calendar is posted on the Town Clerk web site.

Election Results

Election Results.


Selectmen (two for three year terms)

School Committee (one for three years, one for one year)

  • Judy Crocker Web, Facebook (three year seat)
  • Kate Colburn Web, Facebook (three year seat)
  • Stephen W. McKenna II Web (one year seat)
  • Burc Oral Web (one year seat)
  • Yury Mashkovich Web (one year seat)
  • Hengameh (Heny) Taraz Web, Facebook (one year seat)
  • Neerja Juneja Bajaj Web (one year seat)
  • Melissa Cunningham Web (one year seat)
  • Kathleen Lenihan Web (one year seat)n

Planning Board (two for three years terms)

  • Charles Hornig
  • Robert Creech Web

Moderator (one for a one year term)

  • Deborah Brown

Housing Authority (one for five, one for three years)

  • Weidong Wang (five year seat)
  • Richard Perry (three year seat)

Town Meeting




  • League of Women Voters - Candidate Night, Thu Feb 16. Video
  • East Lexington Community Association, Indian Americans of Lexington - Candidate’s Afternoon at the Community Center on Sat, Feb 25th, 1:30pm - 4:00pm.
  • PTA Presidents Council - Forum for the School Committee candidates at Cary Library at 9:15am on Thursday, March 2nd.
  • LexMedia - Steve Iverson in conversation with Judy Crocker and Kate Colburn, School Committee 3-year candidates. Video

LexMedia Coffee With The Candidates

  • Board of Selectmen (vote for 2)
  • School Committee (3-year term, vote for 1)
  • School Committee (1-year term, vote for 1)